Monday, December 17, 2012

Feed the Penguin: Bilabial CV, CVC, CVCV words

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A little while ago on my Facebook page, I asked you what activities you were looking for.  I was surprised at how many of you needed materials for children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech.  There were also a few requests for materials for Final Consonant Deletion and bilabial sounds.  This activity should cover those requests!

I couldn't come up with a snazzy name for it, no matter how hard I tried!  But, you get a large penguin:

You know me and my tissue boxes (if not, click the link!)...I cut out the mouth and attach the penguin to a tissue box.

If you don't like this penguin you can always make one with a Cricut.  This one was made with the Create a Critter cartridge:

You also get 4 pages of fish - 3 pages with target words, one blank.  You can use the blank page of fish to add your own targets, or simply as an open-ended reinforcer.

The target words all contain bilabial sounds - P, B, M.  The first page consists of CV words (P, pie, pay, bee, bow, boo, my, mow, moo):

The second page has CVC words (pin, pop, pan, bone, book, bat, moon, mom, mop):

And the third has CVCV words (pizza, pony, puppy, boo-boo, bunny, baby, money, mummy, movie):

I'm storing them in snack-sized ziplock bags with the page title so I can easily find the targets that I want:

Have your students say the target words on the fish and then feed the fish to the penguin.  You can also line up the fish and have your students practice CV sequences.

Graphics Credits:

Penguin:  From the Pond.  
Fish:  Love Two Teach.
Additional Graphics:  Graphics Factory.

Hope you like it!  You can grab a copy HERE. (If you grab it, don't forget to rate it!)

PS, Like the penguin theme?  Check out these cute games I found on Amazon!


  1. Awesome! I can't wait to use it! Thanks Carrie!

  2. Love it, Carrie! Thanks so much! :)

    Busy Bee Speech

  3. Thank you Carrie! I'm loving the fish.

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  5. Just prepped this today to use with a couple of my preschoolers this week. Love it! Thanks for sharing :)

    Schoolhouse Talk!

  6. this is great, how do i pin this on pinterest??

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